Bakken Museum Design Build By Roto 7 2020 C Corey Gaffer

Architectural Spaces

Roto is a national resource for the design and delivery of unique, custom placemaking features. With a compelling reputation for exhibits, play elements, and custom technology installations, Roto is the differentiator architects and developers rely on for exceptional team composition and project delivery.

Mote Science Education Aquarium Atrium Rendering | Aquarium Design by Roto
Furry Dance Interactive By Experience Designers Roto

Design + Build + Tech

Roto’s multiple interdisciplinary studios share a common commitment to deliver genuine human connections unique to every user journey through an immense range of techniques—coordinated under one roof and a single source of accountability.

Roto Dayton Childrens Hospital Dragonflyer Art Installation Brand
Atlantis The Royal Aquarium Design By Roto Dubai Hotel
Master plan concept design for The Forge gallery at the Science Museum of Virginia - planned and designed by Roto

Innovative and experienced

Over two decades and nearly 200 major projects for museums, zoos, parks and brand destinations, Roto is uniquely capable of delivering cross-disciplinary solutions for high-performing projects aiming to break new ground for quality, originality, and audience connection.

Bvh Lincoln Zoo Abi 069 2
Bvh Lincoln Zoo Abi 049
Lincoln Children's Zoo Play designed by Roto
Roto Google Partnerplex Site Development Design

Authentic playful delight

In a culture immersed in virtual experience and superficial social exchange, Roto excels at creating genuinely memorable, playful experiences irl. We are experts in original, multisensory experience—tactile, immersive, interactive, and highly sharable.

Digital Wallpaper exhibit in Science Museum of Virginia's The Forge
Smv Forge Feb 2019 11


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    Immersive Media

    Roto’s immersive and interactive media studio is one of the few in the world with a fully integrated engineering shop for custom electronics, lighting, machine vision, sensing, AR/VR and audio-visual display. This dual capacity for both hardware and software enables Roto to provide a single source of accountability for turnkey architectural installations, from concept through warranty.

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    Aquarium Design

    For more than 25 years, Roto’s planners and lead designers have been producing world-class experiences for aquatic and terrestrial animals and their living habitats, for some of the field’s most prestigious destinations. Roto provides conceptual design through CDs for immersive aquarium tanks and features, contracted directly to the owners or as a subconsultant to a lead architect.

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    Exhibit Planning & Design

    As one of the leading museum design entities in North America, Roto can provide A-list planning and design for any corporate exhibit, showroom, play space, sports arena, or branded experience as part of a larger building design project. Because it can also build its own designs, Roto is unique in providing highly reliable costing and technical coordination throughout the design process.

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    Custom Play Features

    Due to its deep experience with ambitious children’s museum exhibitions, Roto has designed, engineered and produced dozens of unique playground and other gross-motor play structures for indoor and outdoor applications. Anywhere an owner or developer desires friendly family engagement, Roto can deliver cleverly themed, artistically original, and professionally safe climbers, features and environments.

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    Brand Activation

    When a project calls for major themed props, media-infused branding elements, custom immersive lighting, or highly interactive customer engagement, Roto’s versatile spectrum of in-house skills can deliver solutions from concept through installation, for fixed costs and aggressive timelines. Roto can handle any scale of TI scope, including fit-out, under a design-only or turnkey package.

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    Art Installations

    Wherever commissioned artworks of an entirely unique nature are desired for lobbies, marquee entryways, overhead volumes, customer centers, waiting rooms, elevator bays and more, Roto can develop themed, media-rich, interactive, or kinetic solutions to fixed cost and technical criteria. Highly collaborative in nature, Roto’s designers and engineers can always run with an existing concept or start from scratch, providing continuous cost and feasibility assessment through completion.