Discovery World On Market Parkersburg Childrens Discovery Museum By Roto

Children's Museums

Roto was founded to serve the creative expression of modern children's museums. Having assembled a team of experienced planning, design, and production professionals, Roto delivers exceptional originality and value to the communities we collaborate with and serve.

Girl picks toy oranges from tree in the children's play area
Orlando Science Center, Kidstown, Florida View Case Study →

Play is learning, and learning is life

Roto's museum plans, experience designs, and exhibit installations all derive from the simple premise that play is learning, and children themselves create their own best learning outcomes.

Panoramic view of the SkyClimber and Port stretching 3 stories high
Port Discovery Children's Museum, The Port & SkyClimber, Baltimore MD
Children playing in Orange Grove
Orlando Science Center, Kidstown, Florida View Case Study →

Authentic and original in an age of virtualization

Humans are born to learn through all the senses, and as children grow, their bespoke museums should become an entire world to explore. Physical, social, immersive, and changeable, their play and wonder should transcend content—an act of creation in the real world.

Roto Childrens Museum Clients
Children's play area with kids running through immersive play structures
Mother and daughters playing on custom play climber
Carnival themed gallery with a carousel, playful interpretive graphics, and interactives
Science Museum Oklahoma, CurioCity
Two girls playing with interactive light bright

Museums designed inside out for families

Children's museums and experiences excel when designed around everyday needs of real visitors and the passions of their communities. At their best, children's museums are family museums, promoting shared learning, discovery, and expression, extending those values well beyond the front door.

Girl plays in indoor climbing structure
Kids reach the top of this 3-story tall netted climber
Discovery World On Market Parkersburg Childrens Museum By Roto Immersive Sensory Experience


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    Port Discovery Children's Museum, Baltimore, Maryland View Case Study →

    Master Planning

    Roto’s extensive planning leadership unites comprehensive experience with signature originality, helping communities build a thoroughly custom and flexible foundation for future development. Core services cover new museums from the ground up as well as major renovations of existing institutions over a wide range of architectural, exhibit, fundraising and operational needs.

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    New Northern Virginia Science Center Building, Fairfax VA View Case Study →

    Concept Design

    Roto excels at identifying and guiding next steps. Conceptual design pulls together community input, creates big ideas or refines your existing ones, and delivers a fully-realized, coherent, and compelling vision for funders and stakeholders. Outcomes can include visual storyboards, narrated bound books, walk-through models, and the most exciting renderings in the field.

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    High Museum of Art, Greene Family Learning Gallery, Atlanta GA View Case Study →

    Exhibit Design

    Truly effective exhibit design for children strives not to shape or channel what visitors do, but the opposite. Great exhibits expand the possibilities for play, spark fresh ideas with each visit, and offer new avenues for exploration and expression as children grow.

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    Interactive Engineering

    Great ideas for interactive children’s play do not automatically translate into robust, reliable, and durable exhibits that justify a museum’s investment. Roto was born inside a science center exhibit department, and brings extensive structural, mechanical, electronic, and A/V skills to engineer interactive exhibits that last.

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    Prototype & Evaluation

    With design, engineering and fabrication professionals working together daily under one roof, Roto’s design practice naturally incorporates an extensive array of mock-ups and prototypes, on both a formal and informal basis, throughout the development cycle. A unique partnership with Dublin City Schools brings hundreds of K-12 visitors inside Roto’s facility (averaging more than one per week) to participate thoroughly in these efforts.

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    Waterline Square, Kids Adventure Club, NYC View Case Study →


    Roto evolved its popular design-build practice specifically to deliver original, cost-effective children’s exhibits of exceptional quality and durability. Roto has demonstrated on more than 100 past projects how a single, focused project team problem-solving together under one roof can deliver extremely effective and reliable exhibits to guaranteed budgets and deadlines.

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    Backed by exceptional 3D modeling and precision computer-controlled milling within its 60,000-square-foot advanced production facility, Roto’s team of experienced craftspeople, artists, cabinetmakers, metalworkers, and technicians comprise one of the most versatile custom fabricators working in the children’s museum field.

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    Discovery World on Market, Parkersburg WV View Case Study →

    Immersive Media Installations

    Cutting edge media technology makes adapting brand personality and messaging possible in virtually any physical space and user context. Roto’s in-house studios create the environments, interiors, lighting, interactive software and media, and complete a/v installation through an innovative and highly-efficient single source delivery model.