Texas State Aquarium worked with Roto's Boston office on the expansion of the Caribbean Journey wing.

Zoos & Aquariums

Roto provides an extensive suite of expert exhibit design, theming, interpretation, interactives and unique custom features for innovative zoos, aquariums and nature centers across North America.

Lincoln Children's Zoo View Case Study →

Discovery and delight.

Whether directly to the institution or contracted through the project architect, Roto’s specialty is delivering conservation learning and enlightenment at exceptional levels of quality and social engagement.

Gulf Of Mexico View at Mote Aquarium
Digital Aquarium Design By Roto Custom Brand Activation

Future proof.

Exhibit design for major living collections must vie with new technology solutions to spark visitor interest and help drive attendance. Roto delivers both.

Texas State Aquarium Caribbean Journey Roto Design
Aquarium 20 2
Zoo Columbus Zoo
Atlantis The Royal Aquarium Design By Roto Dubai Hotel
Atlantis the Palm Hotel, Dubai UAE
Zoo Miami SplashPad Florida Roto Design
Zoo Miami, Ocean Voyage View Case Study →

Permission to play.

Roto animates indoor and outdoor spaces with a wide range of imaginative, creative, richly themed features, from custom play zones and climbers to delightful interactive discoveries.

Roto knows about guests and the guest experience. They are pros in the creative world of making a guest experience unforgettable and excellent.

- John P. Chapo, President/CEO Lincoln Children's Zoo


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    Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center Master Plan, 2019

    Master Planning

    Roto offers strategy, interpretive planning, conceptual experience design, and fundraising support for institutions seeking to map the future of audiences, facilities, exhibits and fundamental missions.

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    Mote SEA Concept Design, 2020

    Exhibit Design

    Roto is the leading subconsultant for specialty aquarium and aquatic animal exhibit design, at any scale, in North America, with extensive additional experience designing for live invertebrate environments (bugs and butterflies), reptiles and amphibians, birds, and small mammal enclosures, fully coordinated with architectural, LSS and facility engineering requirements.

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    Interpretive & Theming Design

    Roto’s zoo and aquarium experience began with theming and interpretive design, creating coherent and compelling messages in themed environments, murals and props, signage and labels, custom sculptured models and artwork, interactive encounters, and staff-led educational programs. Our work includes extensive research and experience in how to engage guests emotionally and personally with conservation causes and action.

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    Custom Play Features

    As a leading producer of custom indoor and outdoor children's museum experiences, Roto delivers original sculpture, climbers, nature play, and other family-focused delights for zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens and public parks.

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    Indianapolis Zoo, Race a Cheetah

    Interactive Engineering

    As a world-leading developer of interactive experiences for the museum and entertainment sectors, Roto has delivered unique first-hand experiences for zoos and nature centers that create instant buzz and memorability. From squirting elephant statues to racing cheetahs, animal comparison contests to macroscopic views of gorgeous insects, Roto can both design and deliver original media-based or electromechanical delights on any subject.

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    Hogle Zoo, Elephant Encounter View Case Study →


    For projects with complex integration of custom theming, exhibit, interpretive, media, or interactive elements, Roto provides complete in-house design-build accountability, or sole-source contracting within larger GC scopes, to guarantee on-time and on-budget results.

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    Immersive Media Installations

    Cutting edge media technology makes adapting brand personality and messaging possible in virtually any physical space and user context. Roto’s in-house studios create the environments, interiors, lighting, interactive software and media, and complete a/v installation through an innovative and highly-efficient single source delivery model.